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Flexible and Affordable

The "Flex" in Porcaro Ford's Flex Buy stands for flexibility. You now have more options to get the new vehicle you want at payments that you can afford. Flex Buy is different than a traditional fixed auto loan or leasing. You get the benefit of a lower payment upfront with no mileage restrictions, residual buyouts, balloon payments or refinancing.

With Ford Flex Buy, you can choose a full term of either 66 or 75 months with a payment reduction of either -15% or -18% for the first 36 months! Then, once your vehicle equity (and likely your finances) are improving, you may finish out the term at the normal payment or look at trading into a different vehicle. That's the flexibility of Flex Buy at Porcaro Ford!

Porcaro Ford Flex Buy FAQ

Q: Are the payments really that much lower?
A: Yes! The initial payments are similar to what you would get by leasing or 84+ month financing terms without the drawbacks associated with those options like mileage limits and negative equity.

Q: Will I be able to afford the payments after the first 36 months?
A: You will know upfront exactly what your payments will be after the first 36 months. And because the interest rate is fixed for the entire loan term, you will not have any surprises like you might if you were to lease and then decide to buy your vehicle out at the end of the term.

Q: What if my vehicle needs change?
A: You can pay off, trade or sell your Flex Buy-financed vehicle just the same as a conventional car loan. It's not a lease.

Q: Who is Ford Flex Buy best for?
A: First-time buyers, recent college graduates, apprentices, or anyone who needs a more affordable payment now but expects their income to rise and/or other payments (like student loans) to decrease in the future. Flex Buy cannot be used to purchase a Used or Certified Pre-Owned Ford vehicle. New, Personal Use contracts only. Flex Buy is not eligible with Read More

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